The Campaign Begins!

Opposition Campaign Launched.

A campaign committee of Coalition members held their first meeting on June 1st. The committee has prepared an opposition statement for Coalition members to sign, stating our opposition to the ballot measure as currently defined. The statement was adopted at the full Coalition meeting on June 9.

The Coalition decided to oppose that proposed ballot measure because it falls far short of our vision for the future.
Examples of deficiencies include but are not limited to:
1) There is no commitment to creating pathways into good, middle-class careers in constructon with skilled training and good benefits like family healthcare and pension retirement through a Project Labor Agreement;
2) It would negatively impact our most vulnerable communities, taxing them for freeway expansion projects that worsen air pollution, public health and traffic congestion in their neighborhoods;
3) It has no mechanism to link funding with projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet state targets, achieve the goals of the City of San Diego Climate Action Plan, and help stabilize the climate;
4) It does not provide adequate guarantees for effective, equitable, affordable, substantial mass transit construction, operations and maintenance that would shift people over time from cars to mass transit and active transportation;
5) It does not fund vital stormwater and water infrastructure projects; and
6) It fails to provide the minimum funding essential for conservation and open space.